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Flossing Encouraged To Promote Overall Health

In its “Eat + Run” blog, U.S. News & World Report (6/12, Hausenblas) includes flossing among four simple habits that may help people live longer. The article states that daily flossing helps prevent gum disease by removing plaque and bacteria trapped between teeth, and it may help reduce the risk of heart disease by decreasing […]


Pregnant Women Encouraged to Maintain Good Dental Hygiene

HealthDay (6/2, Kohnle) reported that women who are pregnant may experience oral health changes, such as gingivitis and swollen and red gums. According to the American Dental Association, up to half of women develop gingivitis during pregnancy. While most cases of gingivitis resolve after childbirth, women who are pregnant are encouraged to brush teeth at […]


Delta Dental of Wisconsin Celebrates National Smile Month

In a release on Business Wire (6/6), Delta Dental of Wisconsin states that it is donating “healthy food and toothbrushes to five food pantries” across the state in recognition of National Smile Month and Smile Power Day. Dr. Fred Eichmiller, vice president and science officer at Delta Dental of Wisconsin, said that consuming healthy foods […]


Welcome Dr David Becker

Artisan Dental is growing and we’re thrilled to have Dr David Becker help us out. Dr Becker comes to us with over 38 years experience in private practice and 2 ½ years teaching at LECOM School of Dental Medicine. Dr Becker is a Navy Dental veteran, and we thank him for his service! He has […]


Your Care – Powered by the SUN & WIND

100% of our electricity comes from renewable sources through MG&E’s “Green Power for Tomorrow” – enacting our mission to use sustainable business practices.      


How We Prepare for Your Visit at Artisan Dental

We take safety very seriously at Artisan Dental. In preparing for your dental visit with us, we follow the CDC’s guidelines for infection control. First, all contaminated items are removed from the operatory and taken to sterilization. This area is divided into contaminated and sterilized sections to eliminate any cross contamination. Next, we wipe down […]


10 Things You Didn’t Know About Your Toothbrush

We know and love our toothbrushes as the tools that kick plaque to the curb, help keep cavities at bay (with the help of fluoride toothpaste, of course) and freshen our breath. But what else can we learn about them? Read on for some toothbrush facts. When selecting your toothbrush, look for the ADA Seal. […]


Runner’s World Shares Tips To Help Runners Protect Their Teeth

Runner’s World (5/15, Kuzma) lists several ways runners may be harming their teeth, offering suggestions to help promote dental health. For example, the article states that runners may be “overdoing it on sugar in the name of fueling.” To help address this, the article recommends runners rinse their mouths out with water after consuming items […]


6 Habits That Harm Your Teeth (And How to Break Them)

Nibbling a nail while reading or crunching an ice cube while drinking a glass of water… Some may consider these mindless habits, but they could be damaging their teeth without even realizing it.  Check out this list of harmful habits and how to help break them today. http://www.mouthhealthy.org/en/bad-habits?source=morninghuddle


7 Risk Factors for Oral Cancer

Approximately 49,750 people will be diagnosed with oral cavity and oropharynx cancers this year. Regular dental visits can help detect such cancers early, and changing a few potentially harmful habits may also help reduce a person’s chances of developing them. At Artisan Dental your preventive care examinations include an Oral Cancer Screening. Gender: Men are twice […]