by Dr. Nicole Andersen, D.D.S.


Welcome to Artisan Dental. We are embarking on an exciting new journey and are so happy you are interested in learning more about us.

After 13 years in private practice, we established Artisan Dental with a fresh perspective on providing compassionate, high-quality, comprehensive dental care from prevention to full-mouth restoration – and an environment that enhances the health and well-being of our patients, team and community at large.

We had a big dream and are thrilled that it is finally becoming a reality. As of January 27, 2014, we will open our doors to patients. We are eager to meet and connect with new faces – and welcome old ones – as we begin or continue our relationship. Artisan Dental recognizes that, at times, you may feel overwhelmed or fearful of the discomfort, time or cost associated with dental procedures. We are committed to providing patients with a calming, pain-free, experience that empowers you to be in control of your dental health.

Whether you visit Artisan Dental for preventative, restorative or cosmetic reasons, our caring, experienced team develops a detailed plan to give you effective treatment – and years with a beautiful and healthful smile. We take time to make a proper diagnosis, select appropriate treatment options and educate you about the process and pre- and post-op instructions so that procedures are much more about planning for the final result and less about the time in the chair.

We’ve taken great care designing our beautiful space to be warm, comfortable and relaxing. At Artisan Dental, each treatment room benefits from floor-to-ceiling windows with an abundance of natural light and expansive views. Colors and materials throughout the office create a calming and peaceful atmosphere. Each treatment room also includes a wide-screen high-definition monitor and the ability to customize music preferences with Pandora radio. We are also the first dental practice in Wisconsin to offer Wavecare – a European-designed audiovisual technology with proven therapeutic results to aid in relaxation and healing.

We are proud that our practice is part of a beautiful new development that promises to be a bellwether for future positive – and purposeful – growth. As a frequent patrons of the businesses in downtown Madison, the Isthmus and East Washington corridor, we appreciate the vibrancy and authenticity this area has to offer. We promise to do our part to be an active, contributing member of the community. It is our mission to provide the highest quality care while protecting and enhancing the ecological, social and economic fabric that connects us together.

We hope you find our central location accessible, making your visit easy to include in your day. For your convenience, we offer early morning, lunch hour, after school and after work appointments, and free parking in The Constellation. Contact us today to schedule your visit.

Thank you for your interest in Artisan Dental. We look forward to hearing from you soon!



We’ve been hard at work at 10 North Livingston Street, Suite 301, and are looking forward to opening our doors to patients on Monday, January 27. We are starting to see all the parts of our office jump off the building plans and take shape as the home to our new practice. As we considered the design of our space, we wanted to ensure a comfortable, relaxing and healing environment. Our mission at Artisan Dental is to enhance the total health and wellness of our patients – and our office environment is an integral part of that equation. At each step of our process we have checked our use of materials, thought through layout, furniture and equiptment selection as well as decorative accents to ensure we are supporting our core principles and creating a therapeutic patient experience. Everything – from our use of color and texture to lighting and natural elements – has been purposefully selected to create a warm, functional and calming space. As we enter the final week of preparations, we will see the delivery of lobby and office furniture, as well as high-definition video monitors for Wavecare technology and hardware for customizable Pandora radio selection in our exam rooms. To complete the finishing touches and ready our space for visitors – the patient waiting area we offer a complementary selection of iPads, reading materials and wide screen Wavecare Please join us and experience our space first-hand at the Artisan Dental Open House on Friday, January 24 from 7am-6pm and Saturday, January 25 from 8am-12pm. The event will give you the opportunity to meet our staff, ask questions and enjoy complementary beverages from fellow Constellation resident, Cargo Coffee. Take a peek at some photos of our work-in-progress – we are so grateful to our design team and construction crews who have worked so hard on every aspect of our build-out. We can’t wait for your first visit – we hope you enjoy our new space as much as we do!

National Children’s Dental Health Month

Author: Dr. Nicole Andersen, D.D.S.


The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry says tooth decay in young children is rising at an alarming rate. According to its recent report on pediatric oral health, 28% of U.S. children aged 2 to 5 years are affected by tooth decay in primary teeth. 5-10% of U.S. children have oral health issues by the age of three, and, by age five, about 60% of U.S. children will have had tooth decay or cavities at some point. Lack of attention to oral health issues in young children can lead to serious complications, including infections, chronic pain and early tooth loss.

February is National Children’s Dental Health month – a good time to remind parents and caregivers of ways for children to maintain healthy mouths and smiles. We’d like to share these tips on how to keep children’s teeth healthy, strong and disease-free.

Appointments – early and often. I recommend parents schedule their child’s first oral exam after baby teeth begin erupting and routine visits every six months. Regular appointments started early in a child’s life allow us to assess the health of primary teeth, as well as address habits, such as thumb-sucking or pacifier use, that may affect alignment. I tend to look further at future needs to correct bite and aesthetic issues that could appear early without early orthodontic intervention. I also look at other preventive measures that can help protect the teeth, such as sports guards. Perhaps more importantly, early routine visits also give families exposure to the most current oral hygiene techniques and recommendations.

Hygiene at home. Parents and caregivers should reinforce proper brushing and flossing practices at home, and offer hands-on help with these tasks with young children. I recommend helping children brush until about age 7 or 8. Many parents are surprised to hear this, but, until that point, kids often lack the manual dexterity – and dedication – to brush and floss effectively. Using fun songs, timers and reward charts can help motivate your child to brush the suggested two minutes, two times a day.

Healthy eating habits. Children’s teeth are highly susceptible to dietary influences, so bad habits can sabotage good oral health. Over consumption of sugary foods and drinks produces an unhealthy amount of acids in the mouth, which initiate tooth decay. Sticking to a reasonable amount of sugar and including foods that protect tooth enamel – such as cheese, nuts, milk and meat – will lead to stronger teeth. And substituting foods with higher water content – such as firm, crunchy fruits and vegetables – will help minimize acid production.

If you are unsure when to bring your child in for his or her first check-up, please feel free to call and speak to us. And at your next appointment, please let us know if you have any questions about how best to care for your child’s teeth and gums – we are happy to provide extra guidance and support!