We’ve been hard at work at 10 North Livingston Street, Suite 301, and are looking forward to opening our doors to patients on Monday, January 27. We are starting to see all the parts of our office jump off the building plans and take shape as the home to our new practice. As we considered the design of our space, we wanted to ensure a comfortable, relaxing and healing environment. Our mission at Artisan Dental is to enhance the total health and wellness of our patients – and our office environment is an integral part of that equation. At each step of our process we have checked our use of materials, thought through layout, furniture and equiptment selection as well as decorative accents to ensure we are supporting our core principles and creating a therapeutic patient experience. Everything – from our use of color and texture to lighting and natural elements – has been purposefully selected to create a warm, functional and calming space. As we enter the final week of preparations, we will see the delivery of lobby and office furniture, as well as high-definition video monitors for Wavecare technology and hardware for customizable Pandora radio selection in our exam rooms. To complete the finishing touches and ready our space for visitors – the patient waiting area we offer a complementary selection of iPads, reading materials and wide screen Wavecare Please join us and experience our space first-hand at the Artisan Dental Open House on Friday, January 24 from 7am-6pm and Saturday, January 25 from 8am-12pm. The event will give you the opportunity to meet our staff, ask questions and enjoy complementary beverages from fellow Constellation resident, Cargo Coffee. Take a peek at some photos of our work-in-progress – we are so grateful to our design team and construction crews who have worked so hard on every aspect of our build-out. We can’t wait for your first visit – we hope you enjoy our new space as much as we do!


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