UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL…with your teeth!

July, 2014

by Dr. Nicole Andersen

Have you ever visited the dentist and listened to a discussion of what was going on with a particular tooth in your mouth and only heard a garbled mess of “number 19 MODBL amalgam with a fracture on the buccal and marginal breakdown”? Huh?

intraoral photo

The use of intra-oral cameras in dentistry can really help aid the dentist, hygienist, and patient alike in diagnosing and understanding the best treatment for oral care. With the use of a small camera inside the mouth, pictures may be taken that can be enlarged on the computer monitor, so that there is a true and
mutual understanding of the condition of the tooth. Many of these cameras can also aid in the detection of cavities and gum inflammation as well.

At Artisan Dental, we want you to understand the health and condition of your mouth, so that together we can properly create oral and overall wellness. Our use of intra-oral cameras aids us in your care and helps patients to understand our recommendations for treatment.

We hope to see your teeth up close and personal at your next visit!


July, 2014

by Dr. Nicole Andersen, D.D.S.

Is it too good to be true? One visit only? No temporary crown? No wait for the permanent crown?

Same day crowns are available now due to advances in digital technologies. By using a digital camera and capturing a picture of your tooth, the need for impressions that must be sent in to a dental laboratory is eliminated. The custom crown is then immediately milled and created while the patient waits.
The need to wear a temporary, visit the office again in two to three weeks, and get numb a second time are all avoided. About 10-15% of dentists have currently adopted the technology.

If you would like to learn more, visit the following link https://artisandentalmadison.com/education/same-day-crowns-cerec/visit

We would be more than happy to help you decide if a same day crown, or CEREC crown, could help you achieve your best oral health.



July, 2014

by Dr. Nicole Andersen, D.D.S.

Before and After Whitening

With summer in full swing in Wisconsin, it is a great time to brighten up your smile to match this amazing weather! Whitening the teeth can be very easy and done in the comfort of your own home. Custom trays are made and a peroxide based gel is then placed in the trays while you wear them. Bleaching done with your dentist can get teeth brighter faster and more consistently, as home-use bleaching kits purchased at your local drugstore usually use a weaker gel without the use of a custom tray. Bleaching works best on teeth with a naturally yellow hue and does not work to bleach previous tooth colored fillings or porcelain restorations. Schedule a visit with us at Artisan Dental and we will create personalized trays to fit your mouth. We will then provide you with the appropriate strength whitening gel to add to your trays at home.

There is no better time to schedule your whitening appointment than now, with our summer whitening special!

Call to learn more at 608-467-8022. Soon, you will be showcasing your summer smile!