Can Nut Butter Change the World?

It can, and it is, thanks to B Corp YumButter right here in Madison. Their social mission is to “craft mouth rockin’ world-changing nut butters for one reason: to improve people’s lives.” They consider their impact on the health and happiness of Yumbutter fans, supply chain partners, Mother Earth, their employees, the business ecosystem, and people born into unfortunate circumstances.

When you spread Yumbutter, you’re actually supporting a shift in the way businesses are run. Here are some of the ways they’re able to create social and environmental goodness:

Leading a socially-conscious nut butter company.

Through their BuyOne:FeedOne model, they’ve been able to help feed over 150,000 children with malnutrition since 2015.

B Corp score of 100 (other sustainable businesses score 80)

Offset 36 tonnes of CO2 (~250% more than we create) through reforestation

Let’s do it! Enjoy Yumbutter, and tell a friend. Yep, that’s it – Adrian and Matt, Chief Revolutionaries at YumButter will take care of the rest. The BuyOne|FeedOne approach is a unique model that allows folks who want to do good to make a difference, even if they don’t always have the time to donate or do research. This allows you to make the difference you seek with a simple purchase you were going to make anyway. The result: you get yummy deliciousness, a child is fed, and they get to grow their company to improve people’s lives on a larger scale.