Sustainability at Artisan Dental

As a sustainable business we aim to enhance the social and ecological relationships we have with our community and environment. Through patient care and thoughtful selection and use of resources, we practice sustainability as a conscious daily endeavor.  In 2017, Artisan Dental sustainability efforts were further assessed and verified when we became a Certified B Corporation by B Labs.  As Certified B Corporation, we are demonstrating our commitment to meeting high standards of transparency, accountability and performance.

Some examples of our sustainability initiative include the Artisan Dental Recycling Program, the first and only oral care products recycling program in the Dane County area.

100% of our electricity is  purchased through MG&E Greener Tomorrow program.  100% of our total carbon emissions are offset through our partnership with fellow certified B corporation Native Energy.

We are a member of Sustain Dane’s Sustainable Business Network & Dane Buy Local.

Other sustainability initiatives utilized during the construction and daily operation of our practice follow below.

– Maximization of natural light by using nearly 1,700 sq. ft. of windows to minimize energy use associated with artificial lighting- Occupancy sensors throughout entire dental office to further minimize use of artificial lighting
LED lighting
Low- VOC paints
– Carpet made from 100% recycled content
– Gypsum wall board with approximately 30% recycled content
– Ceiling tiles contain greater than 50% recycled content and low VOC emissions per LEED and CalGreen Title 24 standards
– Steel wall framing studs contain 50% recycled content
– Use of wall panels containing 40% recycled content and 100% recyclable
GreenGuard certified counters with recycled content and low-emitting adhesives and sealants per LEED standards
– Water saving waterless vacuum
– An amalgam separator to eliminate mercury from waste water
– Digital radiographs instead of chemically processed x-rays
– Steam sterilization instead of chemicals
– Paperless charting and communication
– Highly-effective non-toxic cleaning products
– Staff “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Program”
– Recycled content paper products throughout office
– All “Energy Star” appliances
– 100% of our electrical energy is made from renewable sources using MG&E Green Power program.-100% of our total carbon emissions are offset through out partnership with fellow certified B corporation Native Energy.