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The ADA reports that it’s common for adults to have as many as three teeth missing or decayed. For these patients, it’s possible to provide restoration through the use of a dental bridge. These restorations eliminate the need for a partial denture through the use of crown technology. This procedure allows the patient to have a beautiful smile with full returned functionality without dentures. This restoration is accomplished by mounting a dental prosthetic known as a pontic on two adjacent crowns.

Understanding Crown and Bridge Dental Technology

Crowns are a dental restoration that are used to restore full functionality and appearance. They are used when a tooth has become decayed to the point where fillings aren’t sufficient. When a tooth must be extracted due to decay or trauma and an implant is not an option, a bridge may be necessary. A bridge is a form of restoration that relies on two abutments and a pontic to restore dental function. This repair is done by creating abutments from natural teeth and mounting crowns on them for support. Between these two crowns, a pontic will be placed that restores the missing tooth. If two or more adjacent teeth are lost, an implant may be necessary to support the bridge.

Three Dental Bridges Our Dentists May Suggest

  • Traditional Dental Bridge – This bridge is the most frequently called for and matches the description given above. The use of the abutments mentioned above provides the necessary support for the bridge.
  • Cantilever Bridge – In some cases, it may be possible to support a bridge with only a single abutment. This form of restoration is rarely used due to the additional stress caused by leverage and can only be used in very specific cases.
  • Implant-Supported Bridge – This form of bridge involves the restoration of more than a single extracted tooth. The extra space between the abutments requires additional support. This support is provided through the use of implants. The use of implants can create very secure restorations.

Which of these bridges our dentist suggests will depend on the specifics of your case.  

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