Code of Conduct

Artisan Dental Ethical Code of Conduct

Artisan Dental is committed to continually enacting its mission, vision and values in the service of all of its stakeholders. To support the realization of its mission and vision and the expression of our values, Artisan Dental’s team members will adhere to the highest standards of ethical conduct.

The Artisan Dental Ethical Code of Conduct is informed by the American Dental Association Principles of Ethics and Code of Professional Conduct (ADA Code) and American College of Dentists Aspirational Code of Ethics.

Artisan Dental team members recognize and appreciate that continued public trust in Artisan Dental and the dental profession is based on the commitment of individual healthcare practitioners to high ethical standards of conduct.

Ethical Conduct Core Values and Conduct


Artisan Dental team members recognize the dignity and intrinsic worth of individuals and their right to make personal choices.

Patient First

Artisan Dental team members act in the best interests of patients even when there is conflict with the health care practitioners personal self-interest or the organization’s self-interest. Artisan Dental team members will not recommend or perform unnecessary dental services or procedures. Artisan Dental team members inform patients of the proposed treatment, and any reasonable alternatives, in a way that is understandable and allows patients to become involved in the treatment decisions.


Artisan Dental team members are sensitive, empathetic and compassionate with an individual’s need for physical, emotional and mental comfort and support.


Artisan Dental team members strive to achieve the highest level of knowledge, skill, and ability within their capacity. Team members should seek consultation, if possible, whenever the welfare of patients will be safeguarded or advanced by utilizing those who have specialized skills, knowledge, and experience.


Artisan Dental team members value truthfulness and honesty as the basis for trust in personal and professional relationships. Artisan Dental team members shall seek truth in the use and advancement of scientific knowledge and make relevant oral health care information available to patients, colleagues and society.


Artisan Dental team members respect the rights and perspectives of individuals who hold views that may arise from diverse personal, ethnic or cultural norms.


Artisan Dental team members are committed to involvement in professional activities that enhance knowledge, skill, judgment, and professional development for the benefit of patients, the community, the profession and society. Artisan Dental team members shall be honest with patients and colleagues and appropriately report those who are deemed to be incompetent or engaged in fraud, bribery, deception or corruption.

Safety and Security

Artisan Dental team members are responsible for safeguarding the confidentiality of patient records. Artisan Dental team members will maintain patient records and patient information in a manner consistent with the protection of the welfare of the patient and consistent with HIPAA laws. Upon request of a patient or another dental practitioner, Artisan Dental will provide any information consistent with applicable laws.


Artisan Dental team members express these core values through their daily behavior, as the basis for ethical practice and the foundation for honorable character.

Governance of the Professional Code of Conduct

Artisan Dental’s co-owners, director of business development, director of operations and finance, director of human resources and compliance and director of stakeholder stewardship are responsible for reviewing the compliance with professional code of conduct on an annual basis. Any non-compliance with this policy will be brought to the attention of the aforementioned members of the Artisan Dental leadership team, who will decide on further action. Artisan Dental team members will receive yearly training on the code of conduct.