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Dental decay is the most common medical issue facing patients of all ages in the United States. With the prevalence of cavities in our population, fillings are a necessity to properly restore the tooth and prevent further destruction or tooth loss. For many years the most prominently used form of filling was called amalgam. The material used in these fillings contained a blend of metals to create a silvery alloy. Although these fillings can be long-lasting, many times they are a less conservative filling than the tooth-colored bonded fillings and less esthetic. 

The Benefits Of Tooth-Colored Fillings

The first and most noticeable reason for using this form of filling is their visual similarity to natural tooth material. The advantages they offer over amalgam fillings make them an excellent choice for restoring the appearance and function of your smile. These benefits have led to many patients choosing to replace their old amalgam fillings. Using composite resin, you can have a new restoration made or your old ones replaced in just one visit.

Tooth-colored fillings are created using a special resin that combines ceramic particles with dental plastic. This resin makes the material incredibly malleable during placement, ensuring that every part of the cavity is sealed against infection. It can bond directly with the structure of the tooth, forming a seamless fit and appearance to the tooth.

Other benefits of composite resin fillings include:

  • Resin can be custom contoured and colored to match natural teeth
  • Requires less healthy tooth to be removed to place them
  • Some can have fluoride integrated into the material to support deeper cavities
  • No concerns with metal allergies that some patients experience with amalgams

These alone are great reasons to take advantage of composite resins. There are also great reasons to replace existing amalgam fillings, such as:

  • Amalgam fillings have been shown to weaken the remaining dental tissues
  • Silver fillings can wear down with less seal to the healthy tooth causing leakage
  • The silver fillings have been shown to cause staining and discoloration of healthy tooth
  • Silver fillings are visually unappealing

Regardless of your reason for getting tooth-colored fillings, the process remains the same. Our team will begin by numbing the area to be treated. The next step is removing existing fillings or decayed dental tissue to prepare for the filling. The composite resin will then be color-matched to your dental enamel and put into place. Our team will finish by shaping and polishing the resin until it matches the shape of your tooth. When it’s all done, the restoration will be nearly invisible to the casual observer.

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