For many years getting a filling came with the risk of a noticeable discoloration in your smile. Dental technology has advanced a long way since the introduction of amalgam fillings. Artisan Dental is proud to provide less conspicuous composite, tooth colored dental fillings for their patients in Madison, WI.  

Dental Fillings Are Best For Restoring Cavities

Fillings do more than conceal the presence of cavities that have formed in your teeth. Fillings also help to protect the tooth from bacteria that would attack the pulp. They even help restore the strength and function of your teeth while preventing extraction. Even with all the tooth replacements available today, nothing beats your natural teeth. 

Despite this, many patients have been hesitant to receive fillings due to the visibility of amalgams. Amalgam fillings get their name from being an alloy, or amalgam, of multiple materials. Combined, these create a silvery metal surface that is easily noticeable, especially in the front teeth. Composite dental fillings have helped reduce this concern since they more closely match your natural tooth color.

Composite dental fillings can be used to address:

  • Tooth decay
  • Chipped teeth
  • Cracked teeth

How To Know If You Need A Dental Filling

The best way to determine if a dental filling is needed is by an exam at your six month cleaning appointment. Many times cavities do not cause any discomfort at all and are only detected by a radiograph. If you’re feeling tooth pain or experiencing sensitivity, you may require a filling. You may notice this sensitivity when eating high-sugar foods. Hot and cold temperatures may also cause your teeth to ache when a cavity is present. These symptoms indicate that the sensitive inner material of your tooth is being exposed to outside stimuli. Cracks, chips, cavities, and severe tooth decay can potentially all be restored with fillings. With composite dental fillings, you’ll also have a beautiful smile you can flash with confidence.

What Happens When Receiving A Dental Filling

Getting a filling is a relatively simple process and remains a standard procedure in dental offices. The process of receiving a filling typically follows these steps:

  • Isolation – The tooth will be isolated to prevent saliva from wetting the area
  • Removal – The decay present in the tooth will be removed, often with a drill
  • Prepping – A particular solution will be applied to etch the surface to improve the bonding of the filling to the tooth
  • Filling – The filling will now be applied layer by layer. A curing light is used between each layer to harden the material quickly
  • Shaping – Excess material is removed, and the filling is carefully shaped to match your natural tooth
  • Finishing – During this stage, the filling is polished and smoothed

At this point, your filling will be complete, and you’ll be ready to return with the normal function of your teeth.

Learn More About Dental Fillings at Artisan Dental By Calling Today

Above we’ve introduced the basics of dental fillings and when they’re necessary. There are numerous types and techniques of filling that can be applied. Reach out to our office to get more details by scheduling a consultation. We look forward to seeing you at our office in Madison, WI.

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