Artificial Intelligence in Dentistry

What is AI?

In its simplest terms, artificial intelligence (AI) is the ability for a computer to think and learn from large amounts of data. With AI, computers can perform tasks that are typically done by people – such as reading images, processing language and more.

How is AI used in dentistry?

In the case of dentistry, Dental AI can be trained to read more x-rays than any dentist will ever see in a lifetime. Dental AI can learn to distinguish healthy teeth from diseased teeth, and can be used by dentists and hygienists across all years of experience.

Dental AI is a tool, and it does not diagnose on its own. Instead it highlights areas of interest that may require intra-oral investigation to help provide a precise diagnosis and appropriate treatment recommendation.

When teamed up together, the dental clinician + Dental AI can detect more diseases, more accurately than by themselves.

How does it work?

The Five Step Process:

  • X-Ray Data Collection: Tens of Millions of dental images are gathered
  • Recruit Expert Analysts: Thousands of dentists are vetted, only the top 20% are selected to annotate x-rays used to train the dental AI.
  • X-Ray Annotation: Expert dentists label images to identify disease and provide high quality data to the dental AI.
  • Dental AI Training: The dental AI learns from millions of data points to identify patterns of disease and recognize areas that may require further intra-oral investigation
  • Continual Learning: The dental AI keeps improving as it receives more high-quality data and user feedback.

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