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Our gum tissues provide our teeth the protection they need from bacteria and food debris, protecting us from tooth decay and jaw degradation. However, sometimes those gums can overpower the appearance of your smile. Often referred to as a “gummy smile,” having too much gum show along the gum line can appear excessive. At Artisan Dental, we provide laser gum sculpting to correct this issue and help improve the appearance of your smile. By removing excess tissues from your mouth, your smile will look and feel healthier.

Why Receive Laser Gum Sculpting Treatment

Laser gum sculpting, also referred to as gum contouring or gingival sculpting, removes excess gum tissue by surgically trimming it through the use of lasers. The lasers work to make precise cuts to the gum line rather than the use of scalpels. For patients, this means that their smiles can be dramatically improved while decreasing the risk of scarring along the gum line. For many, laser gum reshaping can be included in smile makeovers, where dentists work to reshape the mouth completely to form a perfectly aligned, white, and beautiful smile.

No matter the reasons, our team at Artisan Dental will provide you with the tools you need to correct uneven gum lines, eliminate excess gum tissue, and improve your smile and overall appearance. When receiving treatment from our practice, we perform the following to make sure you have a safe and effective treatment:

  • Dental Examination: During your dental examination, we will discuss your treatment options for your gummy smile. By observing your medical history, we can ultimately determine your candidacy for treatment.
  • Scheduled Appointment: For patients who qualify for gum reshaping, our office will discuss financing options during your examination and schedule an appointment ahead of time for the procedure.
  • Numbing Agents: During the procedure, our dentists will use numbing agents and local anesthesia to protect the gums and teeth from any pain sensations to prepare for the procedure.
  • Laser Treatment: Once the numbing agents set in, our dentists will surgically remove sections of the gum line using state-of-the-art lasers and reshape the remaining gums back along the tooth line.
  • Aftercare and Maintenance: Once completed, our team will inform you of any aftercare instructions for your gums to help the healing process and schedule follow-up appointments.

Any significant amount of gum recession may require the use of soft tissue grafts to restore the gum line, and these grafts can help reshape the smile back to an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Choose Artisan Dental For Laser Gum Treatment

As laser treatments for gum reshaping have become the subject of ongoing study, our dental practice focuses on providing you with safe, effective care to improve your oral health and keep your smile healthy. If you have a gum line that appears puffy, large, and unattractive, visit our office in Madison, Wisconsin, to learn more about our treatment options. Our team is here for you to help improve your oral care and give you healthy, happy teeth.

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