3 New Years Resolutions to Renew Your Smile

3 New Years Resolutions to Renew Your Smile
1.  Re-“new” your tooth brush.
The American Dental Association (ADA) recommends changing your tooth brush every 3-4 months to achieve optimal cleaning. Learn more about the ADA’s recommendations for cleaning, storing and replacement of toothbrushes.
The company Good Mouth, will even send you a tooth brush on a regular basis so you won’t ever forget.  They will also dontate 2 brushes or the equivalent in dental care to those in need.
2.  Floss
The American Dental Association offers an excellent video overview of flossing at this link.
3.  Visit a dentist at least twice this year.
Sound oral health has been shown to be closely linked to robust overall health.  Most dentists recommend 2 visits per year and more if you have active gum disease or are a smoker.  Learn more about the oral & systemic health link by watching this video.
Click here to learn more about the American Dental Associations guidance on dental visits.