The Alternate Transportation Option in 2019

Motor vehicles produce a number of different harmful pollutants. According to the EPA 75% of carbon monoxide emissions come from motor vehicles and in urban areas those emissions are responsible for anywhere between 50-90 percent of air pollution. Try to go a little more green in 2019 by using one of these alternative forms of transportation to get to your next appointment at Artisan Dental;

Walking – If you live nearby walking is always a great choice for you and the environment. Whether you need sandals, rain boots or snowshoes we will be looking forward to seeing you!

Biking – Artisan Dental is located near many bike trails and B Cycle stations. Follow this link to plan your route;

Carpooling – Make it a family dental day! Schedule together, ride together, enjoy cleaner air together.

Public Transportation – There are several bus stops that provide easy access to Artisan Dental. Follow this link to find the bus stop nearest to you;

Madison Green Cab – Madison’s only all hybrid rideshare service dedicated to reducing the carbon footprint of both the company and their users. Follow this link to schedule your next ride;

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