Artisan Dental honored in 2018, “Best For The World” list

Artisan Dental was recognized for creating the most positive impact for their team based on an independent, comprehensive assessment administered by the nonprofit B Lab. Honorees are featured on B the Change, the digital Medium publication produced by B Lab.

Artisan Dental is honored to be in the Best For The World – Workers list, which includes businesses scoring in the top 10 percent among more than 2,500 Certified B Corporations on the B Impact Assessment – Worker section. The assessment measures a company’s impact on its workers, community, customers and the environment. To certify as B Corporations, companies like Artisan Dental must complete the full assessment and have their answers verified by B Lab.

The Workers section of the B Impact Assessment evaluates the company’s relationship with its workforce. It measures how the company cares for its workers through compensation, benefits, training and ownership opportunities provided to workers. The category also focuses on the overall work environment within the company by assessing management/worker communication, job flexibility, corporate culture, and worker health and safety practices. Honorees scoring in the top 10 percent set a gold standard for the high impact that business as a force for good can make on employees around the world. Artisan Dental made the list thanks to exceptional practices like the Artisan Dental Whole Person Development grant designed to foster professional and personal growth, the Science of Happiness and Mindfulness Daily course offered to all team members and a friend together with a financial incentive to complete.

The 185 Best For Workers companies come from 58 different industries and 20 countries. B Lab simultaneously released separate lists recognizing B Corporations as Best For The World Overall impact, Best For Environment, Best For Customers, Best For Governance and Best For Community.

Close to 1,000 Certified B Corporations were named 2018 Best For The World Honorees, including: Patagonia, King Arthur Flour Company, Green Mountain Power, and the United Kingdom’s Charity Bank. Fifty-two countries are represented, including Denmark, India, South Africa and Taiwan. The selection criteria for Best For The World honorees are available at

Today there are more than 2,400 Certified B Corporations across more than 150 industries and 50 countries, unified by one common goal: to redefine success in business. Any company can measure and manage social and environmental performance at