Costs & Benefits of Ecologically Responsible Practices

Scott Andersen - Artisan Dental

We are proud to have Scott’s article featured in the current issue of Dentaltown Magazine.

As participants in the dental industry, we’re uniquely positioned to capitalize on the opportunities offered by the growth and development of sustainability principles. Humans have long been exploring the balance between a desire to increase their quality of life and stewarding their natural resources.

There are a multitude of benefits associated with incorporating sustainability principles, together with an abundance of mutually reinforcing opportunities connected with their integrated implementation. Several of the more noteworthy advantages include:

  • Exceptional customer experiences.
  • A cohesive, genuinely caring team supported by a culture that values excellence, growth and innovation.
  • Sustainably oriented suppliers you may collaborate with to further each of your organization’s respective missions.
  • Evidence-based cost savings associated with waste reduction and operational efficiencies.
  • Creative community partnerships that steward the vibrancy of your community and the environment’s precious resources.
  • It’s highly likely that stakeholder trust, loyalty and creative collaboration will be enhanced. On macro and micro scales, the conditions enabling greater individual and collective flourishing will be set in motion for all those whose lives you will influence.

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