Dr Dayal Attends Continuing Education Endodontics Course

Dr Dayal Attends Continuing Education Endodontics Course

What I love about general dentistry is the diversity of procedures day to day. While I love doing restorative dentistry, I also have a passion for endodontics. It’s a great feeling to get patients out of pain and provide a service to save a tooth rather than have to extract it. In order to stay up to date on the latest techniques and instruments I recently attended a root canal continuing education course in Miami Beach, FL. It was a 2-day intensive hands-on course where we spent 10 hours a day learning from an expert in the field. It was a great environment to build on the knowledge I have while learning new approaches. Dentistry is ever changing with new materials and technology, and it’s important to me to continue learning in order to stay up to date.