Excited to be the first!


Artisan Dental is proud to be the first general dentistry practice in the United States whose operations have become carbon neutral. We collaborated with Carbon Credit Capital to assess our Scope 1, 2, & 3 greenhouse gas emissions. The carbon credits we purchased are derived from GreenTrees (ACRE) reforestation program in the Mississippi Valley. The ACRE project (Advanced Carbon Restored Eco-system) plants and grows new forests to sequester carbon, restore biodiversity, and clean and restore watersheds through new eco-system creation on degraded lands.

Climate change is a serious problem, caused primarily by the carbon dioxide released from burning fossil fuels like oil, coal, and gas.

Think about a car in the sun. Greenhouse gases are like the windows and windshield, they both trap the heat of the sun. If the windows are rolled down, the car traps less heat and is cooler. If the windows are all the way up, the car traps more heat and is hotter. Similarly, if there are less greenhouse gases, the planet is cooler, and if there are more greenhouse gases, the planet gets warmer. Climate Change is essentially the same as rolling the car windows up on a hot day.

Going carbon neutral is an easy way to take responsibility for the greenhouse gas emissions we create every time we drive our cars, take a plane, or turn on our computers. Importantly, Artisan Dental does not pass this cost of carbon offsetting onto our patients. We believe this is part of fulfilling our mission of serving one of our most important stakeholders, a healthy thriving environment.