Karma Wallet Rates Artisan Dental

Karma Wallet Rates Artisan Dental
Karma Wallet is a company that helps consumers discover the truth about the brands they love. Artisan Dental is excited to be included in their ratings.

Karma Wallet was inspired by co-founder, Kedar, continuously running up against the question, “How can you be a conscious consumer when you can’t measure or verify your choices?

With a background in data science, he paired up with his dad, Jayant. Together, they created Karma Wallet, a data driven platform focused on helping consumers know the answer to the question, “Is this the right place for me to shop?

Evaluating a Company’s ImpactKarma Wallet gathers data from over thirty trusted data sources to evaluate companies for their social and environmental impact.

Utilizing UN SDGsThey map a company’s data sources to a standard that aligns with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals – or UN SDGs. The UN SDGs are grouped into People and Planet categories, each containing two subcategories: Sustainability, Climate Action, Community Welfare, and Diversity & Inclusion.

Artisan Dental’s Rating: 15
Evaluated on 15 out of 16 UN SDGs
Sector Average: 5.17