Thank you for participating in our Wellness Event!

Thank you to everyone that was able to join us for our Yoga for Stress Management Class on Tuesday, April 18th. It was a fabulous class – A huge thank you to our instructor Dale Kaufman RYT 200!

Attendees participated in a 90 minute class focusing on breath work, meditation and yoga poses to enhance relaxation and stretch areas of the body that specifically hold stress; shoulders, hips, face and neck. Use of props (bolsters, blocks and strap) allow the body to soften and relax into the postures.

The final portion of the class was Progressive Muscle Relaxation, a systematic program of tensing and relaxing muscle groups. The premise of this stress reducing procedure is that tension and relaxation do not exist simultaneously.

Systematically tensing muscles and then releasing that tension is a first step in learning to produce relaxation during stressful situations.

Warm lavender towels were placed on participants’ foreheads during the relaxation exercise.

The next class that Dale will be teaching is Yin Nidra Yoga: Restoring MInd-Body Circulation, Flexibility and Relaxation. Date: May 6th 11-12:15 pm.

Synergos Counseling and Wellness Center
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