We’re in The Journal of the American College of Dentists

American College of Dentists

We are excited to share with you two articles that were recently published by the Journal of the American College of Dentists.

The first article is focused on sustainable dentistry and the five stages of business sustainability. On page 13 Artisan Dental is classified as a stage 5 sustainable business by highlighting our Certified B Corp status and commitment to our mission and values.

The second article focuses on the transition to becoming a solo practice and presents a case study on Artisan Dental. Starting on page 31 the Co-founder & Director of Stakeholder Stewardship at Artisan Dental, Scott Andersen, discusses how the vision to use business as a force for good became a reality.

Artisan Dental as a stage 5 sustainable business starting on page 12: http://ow.ly/4YNT50n1wzg

Artisan Dental case study starting on page 31: http://ow.ly/u4Lv30o0X9I

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