Why Choose Custom-Fit Bite Guards

Why Choose Custom-Fit Bite Guards

Bite guards or brux guards work to provide protection for the teeth and gums through the use of a protective plastic material that is custom fit to your mouth and custom fit to the way your teeth bite together.

Teeth grinding and clenching while you sleep can lead to many dental issues when left untreated. Headaches, sore jaw muscles, tooth pain, and broken teeth can occur because of either voluntary or involuntary grinding while sleeping. Also known as bruxism, this condition can affect your bite pattern, increase stress levels, lead to chipping or cracks in teeth and create poor dental alignment as a result.

Our dentists at Artisan Dental can provide multiple treatment options for bruxism, with one of them being mouth guards. Our mouth guards can help protect the enamel from breaking, protect the jaw muscles, and keep your mouth healthy. Our team will work with you to provide fitted bite guards that can help reduce the amount of bruxism-related pain so you can have a better sleep.

Another reason mouth guards are recommended is due to their ability to reduce the number of traumatic injuries experienced during sports. Studies have been able to reduce the number of injuries sustained during sports due to its ability to block direct blows to the temporomandibular joint and jawline during impact. With customized bite guards, the thickness and feel of the mouthguard can be adjusted to help prevent future injuries and protect people’s teeth during sports. This material is soft enough to provide comfort for the mouth but strong enough to handle pressure and potential impact. Mouthguards are a highly personalized treatment, using the impressions of the patient’s teeth to create a guard that’s custom-fitted to the mouth.

While some mouth guards can be purchased over the counter, having a personalized mouthguard can provide you with substantial benefits, including:

  • Optimal Safety: Because of the layers of superheated plastic and resin materials used to make custom-fitted mouthguards, these guards can provide you with protection.
  • Reduced Concussion Risk: During sports, wearing a custom-fitted mouthguard can help prevent the onset of serious concussion injuries that occur near and around the jawbone.
  • Prevents Jaw Fractures: The material used to create custom-fitted bite guards acts as a cushion for the upper and lower jaw, preventing jaw fractures.
  • Enhanced Comfort: Because of the softer materials, those with bruxism can have a more reliable time sleeping without the worry of discomfort and potential tooth grinding.