Artisan Dental among winners of 2019 Force for Positive Change

Marquette University and the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation have announced the winners of the 2019 Force for Positive Change awards. This year’s awards were the third time this statewide competition recognized social entrepreneurship as a model for solving social or environmental challenges in a way that is sustainable, just and generates impactful change in Wisconsin.

This year’s seven winners are:

In addition, there was a new category of honorable mentions:

The winners were selected from more than 115 initial applications that were then narrowed to 20 finalists by an expert panel of judges from industry, academia and the nonprofit sector.

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Blue Daisi Consulting specializes in offering sustainability consulting services to small business owners and wants to create the sustainable world that we all want to live in. A world where we are intentional about the way we operate and conscious of the effects our decisions have on our communities. On their website, Moji, the founder shares “Blue Daisi Consulting is the result of me thinking it would be cool if more small businesses embraced sustainable and inclusive practices. I thought… “someone should help them make that happen” and then I thought… “that someone should be me”.

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We’ve all heard the saying “what goes up must come down” but have you ever considered what happens to balloons after you release them into the sky at a celebration?  Environmentalists are working hard to raise awareness in the Great Lakes, and all across the globe, about the hazardous consequences balloons are causing when they return to the ground. According to surveys conducted at trash pickup events sponsored by the nonprofit Alliance for the Great Lakes, there were more than 18,000 balloons, balloon pieces or balloon strings along Great Lakes shorelines between 2016 and last year.

The Environmental Nature Center reports that even though latex balloons are considered biodegradable it can take anywhere from 6 months to 4 years to completely decompose, and in that time they can cause a lot of damage to our Earth, water, and wildlife. The Environmental Nature Center recommends celebrating with more environmentally friendly alternatives like blowing bubbles, kites, garden spinners, or donations. For more information about the damage balloons are doing, and how you can help, follow this link; 

by Scott Andersen, Director of Stakeholder Stewardship – Artisan Dental

We are proud to have Scott’s article featured in the current issue of Dentaltown Magazine.

As participants in the dental industry, we’re uniquely positioned to capitalize on the opportunities offered by the growth and development of sustainability principles. Humans have long been exploring the balance between a desire to increase their quality of life and stewarding their natural resources.

There are a multitude of benefits associated with incorporating sustainability principles, together with an abundance of mutually reinforcing opportunities connected with their integrated implementation. Several of the more noteworthy advantages include:

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Artisan Dental is proud to have participated in the 2018 MPower Champions Program along with Covenant Presbyterian Church, Dean Health Plan and Therma-Stor LLC. This is a one-year commitment facilitated by Sustain Dane to learn, and to inspire projects that make an impact on our community, environmental footprint, and bottom line.

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We are excited to share with you two articles that were recently published by the Journal of the American College of Dentists.

The first article is focused on sustainable dentistry and the five stages of business sustainability. On page 13 Artisan Dental is classified as a stage 5 sustainable business by highlighting our Certified B Corp status and commitment to our mission and values.

The second article focuses on the transition to becoming a solo practice and presents a case study on Artisan Dental. Starting on page 31 the Co-founder & Director of Stakeholder Stewardship at Artisan Dental, Scott Andersen, discusses how the vision to use business as a force for good became a reality.

Artisan Dental as a stage 5 sustainable business starting on page 12:

Artisan Dental case study starting on page 31:

There is a new trend arising in the investment world called impact investing.  Impact investing means you’re investing for reasons beyond traditional financial success, but towards social and environmental successes as well.  In simpler terms impact investing means filtering out investments that are not socially responsible (like tobacco companies, fossil fuel companies, etc) and instead making investments that align with your core values by considering their social and environmental impacts. Chris Walker, the World Business Council For Sustainable Development’s North American director said “A significant majority of employees would like their company to align social and environmental commitments with its retirement investment strategy – yet few fortune 500 companies do.” In fact 85% of millennials surveyed in a 2016 U.S. Trust Study said they consider their investment decisions as a way to express their social, political, and governmental values. Impact investing is not only beneficial for you, but for your employer as well.  When you are connecting with people’s core values you are more likely to attract the best talent, increase employee engagement, and extend employee retention! Encourage your employer to advance their corporate sustainability goals while enabling their employees to save for the future. Impact investing is a win for employers, employees, and the world.

Motor vehicles produce a number of different harmful pollutants. According to the EPA 75% of carbon monoxide emissions come from motor vehicles and in urban areas those emissions are responsible for anywhere between 50-90 percent of air pollution. Try to go a little more green in 2019 by using one of these alternative forms of transportation to get to your next appointment at Artisan Dental;

Walking – If you live nearby walking is always a great choice for you and the environment. Whether you need sandals, rain boots or snowshoes we will be looking forward to seeing you!

Biking – Artisan Dental is located near many bike trails and B Cycle stations. Follow this link to plan your route;

Carpooling – Make it a family dental day! Schedule together, ride together, enjoy cleaner air together.

Public Transportation – There are several bus stops that provide easy access to Artisan Dental. Follow this link to find the bus stop nearest to you;

Madison Green Cab – Madison’s only all hybrid rideshare service dedicated to reducing the carbon footprint of both the company and their users. Follow this link to schedule your next ride;

Have you ever looked at what the de-icer you use on your driveways and sidewalks is made of?  Most products include sodium, chloride, and other chemicals that are harmful to the environment.  Those chemicals are melting the ice, and melting into our water wells causing contamination. According to Madison Water Utility, Well 14 on University Ave near Springs Harbor Park pumps more than 750 million gallons of water a year that is distributed city wide.  In the last 16 years water tests from Well 14 have shown that the chloride count has doubled, and the sodium levels have increased significantly. Tom Heikkinen, the general manager of utility said “As a region, we are on an unsustainable path with respect to wintertime salt use, and we need to figure out how to solve this problem now, for the sake of future generations.” The city is working to use more sustainable options such as sand, and rebuilding part of Well 14.  But as a community we need to do our part too by making sure the deicing products we’re using are safe.  You can go to to find a safer choice product to use on your driveway and sidewalks!

The MPower Business Champion program is a one year, fully-customizable program for businesses and organizations that want to reduce their environmental impact while saving costs and creating a healthier and more engaging workplace and community. MPower is a proven and nationally recognized model for achieving sustainability success from within an organization. Topics include: Energy Efficiency, Green IT, Alternative Transportation, Waste Reduction, Water Management, Sustainable Food Choices and more!

Green Team members Emily and Rochelle biking to Sustainability sessions