Wisdom teeth are the last 4 teeth to erupt, usually between the ages of 17 and 25. A few lucky people are able to keep their wisdom teeth without problems, but for most this is not the case and delaying their removal can create problems.

Wisdom teeth often grow in crooked because there simply isn’t enough room for them, causing other teeth to shift and can be quite painful. They can become impacted, meaning that they fail to emerge fully into their expected position. This can cause infection, cysts or tumors. They are also difficult, if not impossible, to clean properly due to their placement in your mouth. This can lead to gum irritation, infection, decay and periodontal disease. The older you get the more difficult the extractions can become because the bone around the tooth becomes denser making the tooth harder to remove.

Ultimately if you wait to remove wisdom teeth the risk of complications increases, so it is usually recommended to remove any potentially problematic wisdom teeth sooner rather than later.