Ask the Dentist – Why does my tooth need a crown?

Why does my tooth need a crown?

-by Dr Mark Rehermann

If you have ever been recommended a crown at one of your dental visits and wondered what that means and why, you are not alone. A crown is a very common dental treatment and there are numerous reasons a tooth can benefit from having one. Essentially, a crown is a strong cap that fits over your tooth, almost like a helmet on your head. It replaces the structure, support, and aesthetics of the original tooth.

There are several reasons a crown may be recommended for your tooth. Any time your original tooth would require a filling that is too large for it to support, a crown would be recommended instead.

If your original tooth is significantly cracked, chipped, broken, worn, weakened (from a root canal), or decayed, it may need a crown to restore it back to health.

There are also times that other teeth may be deemed at risk of fracturing (often due to large existing fillings) and getting a crown proactively is a good idea to protect the tooth from any damage in the future. 

A crown is often the best option to extend the lifespan of a tooth, and with our advanced technology at Artisan we can usually complete the process from start to finish in one visit! 

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