At our office in Madison, WI, Artisan Dental strives to provide full-scale dental services to our community. This goal means treating all aspects of oral health, from gum disease and decay to endodontic services. Endodontic is a term that refers to the interior (Endo) of the tooth (dontic). We ensure our patient family experiences quality care without the inconvenience of having to visit multiple offices. 

Understanding Endodontics: Root Canal Therapy and Beyond

With a focus on the tooth’s interior, endodontic care primarily concerns itself with the health of your dental pulp. Your dental pulp exists both within the core of your crown and within the roots of your teeth. These roots contain multiple narrow, twisty passageways known as root canals.


The first goal of any dentist is to preserve as much natural dental tissue as possible. When infection attacks your dental pulp, antibiotics aren’t usually able to stop it. Without eliminating this infection, the tooth would have to be removed. Root canal therapy allows our team to remove the infection and save the tooth. While the dental pulp is essential during the development of your teeth, adult teeth can survive without it. Your remaining dentin and enamel are preserved by eliminating the infected pulp and replacing it with a biocompatible material. The majority of teeth have between one and four root canals, though extra canals can be found in many molars.


When new issues occur in a tooth that has undergone root canal therapy, retreatment may be necessary. This concern can result from an injury, the seal coming loose, or an infected accessory canal. The accessory canals mentioned above can often be challenging to detect and are different in every patient. Retreatment can address this issue and save the tooth.

Learn More About Endodontic Services Available At Artisan Dental

These are the most common endodontic procedures that we perform. If you’re experiencing dental pain, it’s time to schedule a visit to our Madison, WI offices. Our team will bring you in, perform a complete dental exam, and provide options to treat your discomfort. With their help, you’ll be able to locate and address the source of your pain and preserve your beautiful smile. Please don’t wait until it’s too late to save your tooth. Call today and find out if endodontic treatment is proper for you!

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