An isolite is a convenient hands-free suction and retraction unit that can be used during dental appointments. Its dual vacuum power and silicone bite easily connects to most dental high volume ports in the operatory solving many of the frustrations that dental professionals deal with daily. The silicone mouth piece gently holds the patient’s mouth open, retracts the tongue and guards the patient’s airway thus leaving an ideal working field. The continued suction helps to decrease moisture and contamination during meticulous procedures. This innovative product helps to make appointments to be more productive and efficient while improving patient comfort and safety.

There are 3 different units offered to best accommodate differing needs. Isolite offers an LED light including a “cure safe mode” to illuminate the working field. Isodry is a lesser cost unit that offers the same great ease of use with suction and isolation as the isolite, but does not include the LED light. The Isovac is most cost effective unit that can be universally placed in any dental operatory, is simply attached right into the high volume suction without placing any adaptors to the unit. Great for both dentists and hygienist operatories that have limited access to suction ports. Take a look at how Artisan Dental has integrated the isodry into our operatories:

Isolite is definitely a top rated dental product! Check out the many recognitions isolite has received: