First of all they’re great products! Benco Dental officials began searching for a better toothbrush to offer to dentists to send home with their patients. When they didn’t find it, they made their own. The family-owned company, headquartered in Jenkins Twp., already had a line of private-brand toothbrushes and wanted to make them better. A Benco Dental team and designer created a high-end line of toothbrushes, prescription toothpaste high in fluoride, floss and other products called PRO-SYS. The process took about three years.

Second, they believe, as we do, in giving back. Imagine life without a toothbrush. The consequences—disease, pain, tooth loss—are all too real for millions of people worldwide, many of them right here at home. For every PRO-SYS® Tapered or Antimicrobial toothbrush bought, they donate one to a person in need. It’s something we can all feel good about. But simply donating toothbrushes isn’t enough, so they partner with nonprofits that ensure oral healthcare education is part of the package. That’s especially important in places where toothbrushes are uncommon.

Artisan Dental and Pro-Sys products – working together to promote good oral healthcare and helping those in need. We think it’s a great fit!