In the media, it was recently disclosed that microbeads (polyethylene) have been found in toothpaste.  Microbeads are commonly used in exfoliating products, and used for coloring in substances such as chewing gum.  These tiny beads have been on the radar of environmentalists who say that the polyethylene does not break down and has made its way into bodies of water.

The toothpaste that is specifically being referenced is all of the varieties of Crest ProHealth.  Although this ingredient has been approved for use in foods by the FDA, Procter and Gamble, the manufacturer of Crest ProHealth, plans to remove this ingredient completely by March 2016.

No other brands of toothpaste have been reported with the microbeads at this time.


Please reference to see Procter and Gamble’s response.

The American Dental Association’s response can be found here:

To continue our part in creating a more sustainable world, Artisan Dental has partnered with Terra Cycle to recycle your toothpaste tubes, toothbrushes, floss containers, mouthwash bottles and deodorant containers.  You can simply drop those off at our office or bring them to your next appointment.

The average dental patient may not put earth-friendly practices at the top of their list when evaluating their provider options, but Artisan Dental is working to change that. Our goal is to create a business model that balances environmentally conscious practices with exceptional patient care. Sustainability is important to us, and we want to show how it can co-exist with the best dental services as part of a socially and environmentally conscious business.
One significant way Artisan Dental is accomplishing that is by purchasing 100% of its electricity from Green Power Tomorrow. Our decision to use renewable energy offsets roughly 41 tons of carbon dioxide and over 28,000 pounds of coal each year.
We’ve supported renewable energy at home for more than a decade, and we’re excited to support it at our practice too. It’s the form of energy that has the fewest detrimental effects on the biosphere, and we want to be at the forefront of supporting environmentally conscious choices.
MGE - green power tomorrow
 Other environmentally conscious choices abound at Artisan Dental. The practice makes extensive use of daylight. The office has nearly 1,700 square feet of windows, which help minimize its use of artificial light. Artisan Dental has occupancy sensors throughout and uses LED lighting. Recycled content was a priority in our choice of carpet, wallboard and panels, ceiling tiles, countertops and wall-framing studs.
We integrated a number of earth-friendly choices into our dental operations. We use a water-saving waterless vacuum, an amalgam separator that eliminates mercury from wastewater, digital radiographs instead of chemically processed x-rays and steam sterilization instead of chemicals to clean our equipment. All charting, patient communication and marketing are digital, all appliances are ENERGY STAR® rated and the office uses recycled paper products, nontoxic cleaning products and low volatile organic compound paints and ceiling tiles. Employees have embraced the “reduce, reuse and recycle” spirit, and the practice is a member of the Eco-Dentistry Association and Sustain Dane. All additional carbon generated from the use of gas to heat the building as well as energy consumed by transportation to continuing education is offset by carbon credits with partner Native Energy.
We have a strong appreciation for the interconnection between people and the environment. We hope that how we run our practice can enhance the vibrancy and well-being of our patients, staff members, vendors, local community and the planet as a whole.