Artisan Dental Wellness Series


The Artisan Dental Wellness Series is a quarterly wellness and community building series, designed to foster whole person wellness, enjoyment and a sense of connection among Artisan Dental stakeholders (patients, staff, suppliers, community and planet).

Every quarter, Artisan Dental will sponsor a Wellness Series event, featuring an expert or experience designed to support greater levels of health and happiness.  All Artisan Dental patients, together with a friend are welcome to participate, free of charge, on first come, first reserved basis for each event.

You can learn about upcoming events by visiting this page of our website. Notices will be placed on our Facebook, Google + & Twitter pages. Artisan Dental patients will also receive an email reminder.

To reserve a place at an upcoming event simply email or call our office at: or Ph. 608-467-8022

Upcoming Events:



Program Description:  

Join us at CycleBar for an amazing indoor cycling experience: Great instructors (called CycleStars), killer music (playlists are called Cycle Beats and can be downloaded online), and an intense environment that includes energy-enhancing video graphics and light shows, as well as rider-specific performance data right on the bike (CycleStats).


Create a fun and accessible experience for riders of all ages and fitness levels.

Event Details:

Registration:   Please call Artisan Dental to register at Ph. 467-8022.  You can also email us at Space is limited.

Cost:  The program is complementary to all Artisan Dental patients and a guest.

Date:  Tuesday, October 2nd

Time:  6:00pm

Place:  CycleBar Capitol East, 1018 E Washington Ave

Past Events:

CrossFit Atavus

Yoga at The Studio

Seasonal Cooking and Eating at Sujeo 

Qi Gong at Iron Pagoda

Tracie Fountain – nutritionist/life coach

Painting – Art With Heart

Magnify Your Breath & Energetic Awareness – I-Go Fitness

Cardio-Kickboxing at the Omni Fight Club

Tea 101: Travel the world in a cup

Surprising Health Benefits of Beer

Let’s Ride – Bike ride

Beginner Ukulele Workshop and Sing Along

Bodywork and Fundamentals of Correct Posture