Ask The Dentist – Hydroxyapatite Toothpaste

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Ask The Dentist – Hydroxyapatite Toothpaste

– by Dr Nicole Andersen

Traditionally, toothpaste with fluoride has been the recommended gold standard for
optimal oral health care. Fluoride prevents tooth decay by making teeth stronger and
more resistant to acid attacks. It also helps with slowing down or stopping the decay
process. When fluoride levels in water are at optimal levels, it helps to protect teeth
against cavities. All toothpastes that currently have obtained the American Dental
Association Seal of Approval must contain fluoride.

Hydroxyapetite toothpaste is a newer player in the toothpaste market.
Hydroxyapetite is a form of calcium that is naturally occurring in your teeth and
bones. The reason hydroxyapatite is used in toothpaste is that it helps to
remineralize tooth structure (much like fluoride) without any known side effects.

The best way to use hydroxyapatite toothpaste to prevent and reverse cavities is to
leave it on your teeth after brushing. After brushing for two minutes, spit and skip the
rinse. This leaves the hydroxyapatite coating on your teeth to enhance the
remineralization process.

There are still needed studies to give hydroxyapatite the needed ADA Seal of
Approval. Initial small studies have shown hydroxyapatite and fluoride to be equal in
the rebuilding of teeth and prevention of demineralization. As the study of
hydroxyapatite continues, we may notice this emerging toothpaste being a major
competitor to our traditional fluoride toothpastes.