Clinical Assistant

Finding a home at Artisan Dental has been a dream come true! Our office allows me to not only love what I am doing day to day but also to focus on our community and environment. Being a dental assistant for Artisan and working alongside my team helps our patients leave with not only a healthy mouth but confidence in their smile. I love being a part of a practice that works with patients on their wants and needs, while still educating them.

I attended dental assisting school in Appleton, WI and graduated in 2016.

I am originally from Sun Prairie, WI but now live in Fitchburg with my boyfriend and our two cats. I come from a crazy big family – I am the oldest of 7 kids. There’s always something going on! Family time is very important in our household, and weekends are usually spent at some sort of sporting event. I love to travel and try new foods, and if you can’t find me I’m usually hiding somewhere with my nose in a book.

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