Fillings, Crowns, Bridges


Dental fillings, crowns, and bridges are most often used for decaying or otherwise injured teeth to restore function, add strength, and improve appearance. The modern dentistry techniques used by our dentists provide safer, stronger, and more attractive alternatives to amalgams (silver/black fillings).

Did you know?

Our dentists offers natural-looking alternatives, including porcelain dental crowns as well as a variety of other inconspicuous materials for crowns, fillings, and bridges. And with the new CEREC® same day technology, our dentists can even design a dental crown or veneer to match and fit your normal tooth composition in one easy visit. CEREC® uses durable, high-strength porcelain that resembles natural tooth enamel. Tooth-colored composite resin is non-toxic, bonded to the healthy tooth structure, and can be used to replace amalgam fillings.

For patients without dental insurance, more affordable fillings, crowns, and bridges are available to participants in the Artisan Dental Health Plan. Take a look to learn more about our dental insurance program.

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